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January 10, 2016

Pongal Festival Recipes –Thai Pongal Recipes

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Pongal festival recipes

Hello friends,
In this post, you can find the collection of Tamil Festival -Thai pongal festival recipes and kaanum pongal recipes. Pongal is a harvest festival of Tamilnadu. In other parts of South India, people celebrate this festival as Makara Sankranti. I have made a detailed post on our Tamil Nadu style Pongal Celebration. Please check the link given below. 

On Pongal festival day, traditionally we make special dishes like sakkarai pongal/Sweet pongal in pot (venkala paanai), milk Pongal/ Vellai pongal, Urad dal vada without onion, suzhiyan, adhirasam, Payasam, pongal Sambar/Pongal kuzhambu, poriyal, kootu, thayir pachadi and offer to God for neivedyam. It should be a no onion no garlic lunch menu. On kaanum pongal day, we make either 5 rice varieties or a simple lunch menu with rice & thengai thogayal/Coconut thogayal. 

I have shared the links for all these recipes. I have also shared the links for few Andhra & Karnataka Makara Sankranti recipes. Please click on the specific picture to see the recipe. Wish you all a very happy pongal !!

Please watch the video below for making sweet pongal in pot / bronze pot

pongal recipes

Please click to know HOW TO CELEBRATE PONGAL at home
  1. Sweet Pongal / Sakkarai Pongal in cooker ( With Video)
  2. Sweet pongal in pot (with video)
  3. Ven Pongal recipe in cooker
  4. Ven Pongal ( Mom's style)
  5. Paal Pongal /Vellai pongal / White pongal
  6. Kalkandu Pongal
  7. Akkaravadisal /Iyengar Pongal
  8. Millet sweet Pongal
  9. Millet Ven pongal
  10. Aviyal
  11. Mixed Vegetable Kootu
  12. Pongal Kuzhambu / Thalagam
  13. Puran poli/ Obbattu
  14. Ulundhu vadai/ Urad dal vada ( without onion)
  15. Cabbage vada
  16. Pepper vada/Anjaneyar Koil vada
  17. Maa vilakku
  18. Adhirasam
  19. Suzhiyan
  20. Puli sadham/Tamarind rice
  21. Coconut rice/Thengai sadham
  22. Lemon rice
  23. Ellu Sadam
  24. Curd Rice
  25. Thengai thogayal/Coconut thogayal
  26. 20 Payasam Recipes
  27. Andhra Pulihora
  28. Poornam borelu
  29. Chitranna
  30. Karnataka Lunch Menu
  31. Tamilnadu Full meals menu with serving order

Side dish for pongal

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