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Indian Grocery list - South Indian Monthly Grocery Shopping List

Grocery list indian

Few weeks back I got a request from a newly wedded girl to help her by giving monthly grocery items list for a small family of 2 to 4 people. When I told this to my mom, she helped me by sharing this grocery shopping list & told to follow this list every time I go for monthly purchase. I also referred here for more specifications.I do have a picture of my mom's list in my mobile.It was very helpful for me to decide & buy the correct quantity of monthly groceries in a wholesale shop & then I altered the list based on our usage & availability. Every month you may not need to buy all these items.My mom has been following list this since my childhood.I still remember,she used to give this list to a departmental store nearby my house and they do home delivery.Nowadays in India most of the apartments are in city outskirts.So we go out once or twice in a month to buy groceries and if we don’t follow a list,we have to buy from the stores available in our apartment premises.No matter how costly it is,we are forced to buy there.To avoid all these ,its better to make a list and follow it.To help newly married girls,Bachelors and for the ladies who are in short of memory like me, 

I have shared a list in excel format which you can download it as a pdf or xls/excel sheet by clicking the link. Its a free download and open link for all. You don't need to request permission from me. The quantity I have given would come for 1-2 months for a pucca South Indian family of 2 adults, 2 kids.  North Indians, please adjust the quantity of rice and atta as per your need. Bachelors, do reduce the quantity by half. Do follow this list for the first month and based on your need & usage, you can alter it. I have also shared some images for the list separately. U can save it in your mobile and cross check the ingredients while you purchase. I hope this list would be useful to you all. Do leave a message if u feel i had left anything important. I will include it. Also leave your feedback in the comment section if this list helps you. I would be more happy to know it.Thanks. Please click on the image below to view the excel sheet. Please click the text below for dowloadable PDF.


Indian grocery list excel

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Monthly grocery list for 2 persons - Indian

Monthly grocery list for 2 persons - IndianIndian,Monthly A-Z grocery list for 2 persons..
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Grocery
Serves: For 2 persons+1 kid
Prep time: 15 Minutes
Cook time: -
Total time: 15 Minutes

Indian Grocery List
My mom always starts the list with turmeric powder,sugar & jaggery sentimentally. So I too follow the same.
I have shared separate images for groceries, pooja items, toiletries and miscellaneous items. Right click and save the respective images. Here I have given the quantity of rice more than wheat as I had focussed south indians. North Indians, please exchange the quantities of rice and wheat as per your requirement.

Please give credit for this blog if you are using these images elsewhere. Thanks for understanding.Click this link to download the grocery list in Excel format or PDF. You don't have to get access permission from me.

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    Grocery list 1

    Grocery list 2

    Grocery list 3

    Grocery list 4


    Grocery list 6

    Hope you find this post useful. Please leave a message in the comment box if I have left anything important in the list. Thanks !


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      1. Thanks for sharing this list which will be very much useful for the new starters

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    7. Thanks a lot for sharing this post Chitra. This list would be a saviour for many of us.

    8. where is kalpaasi (Black Stone Flower)

      1. Yes Its missing in the list. I will update it.

    9. Thank you so much. You made my day. :) New to US and i didn't know what to shop for in the grocery store. Now I have it. Tada!

    10. Thanks a lot dear for sharing this post.. U r a lyf saver 😘

    11. Thanks a lot dear for sharing dis post.. U r a lyf saver 😘😘😘😘

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      1. Sorry, budget cannot be given as the rates keep changing.

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