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September 10, 2015

Kids Recipes List - Lunch box Ideas, Breakfast - Indian, Vegetarian

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Kids recipes
My sister Radha’s Son – My chella kutty Krish Karthik :)
For the past few months I have been getting requests from my readers to share a collection of breakfast recipes and lunch box ideas for Indian kids. Some people specifically asked me to share recipes excluding the usual idli, dosa, poori, pongal. Not just by mails, some of my new friends who visit my blog for the first time asked me whether I have a collection of kids lunch box and after school snacks ideas. At that moment, I realized there are many people like me worrying and thinking about what to prepare for kids breakfast, what to pack for their school lunch box, snacks box, how to make them eat healthy foods etc etc. 

When I told about my readers request to my friend Shalini, she helped me to frame this list of recipes for kids. Most of these recipes are the ones we usually make for our childrens breakfast & lunch box and can be prepared easily in busy mornings. We took nearly 2 hours over phone to prepare this exhaustive list. I should thank my readers for insisting me to do this list. And Many Many thanks to you my dearie Shalini. But for your help,this post would not have come up. 

In this post, you can find the list of Indian style sandwich varieties, North Indian Paratha recipes, pasta & Noodles recipes, rice varieties, wraps & rolls, Salad & milkshake recipes that are generally liked by kids. I have given the links for recipes that are already available in my blog.I will share the remaining in my upcoming posts. Nowadays most of the kids are picky eaters. 

So Friends, please take this list as a reference, make your own variations if you are a non-vegetarian and plan your kids breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes based on their liking. Do share your ideas & mention the names of recipes that are left out in this list. I will add them up. I hope this list would be useful to all the moms landing on this page. 

I have also shared a picture of Sample daily menu of my daughter’s healthy meal program catered by Amrutha Caterers in her school. Many working women have opted this meal program for their kids to give a balanced diet.+919036060369 is the contact number of Amrutha caterers. Also Monkey box is also providing lunch and snacks for kids based on pre booking in their app. 

You can also frame a table like this and follow it.

A very special thanks to my sister Radha for sharing her son Krish Karthik’s picture as a cover photo for this post.Once she had made my badam halwa and clicked a pic while he was eating .When I told about this post,she happily shared this picture with me.Thanks dear, Love you.

I will start posting Ganesh Chaturthi Festival recipes from Saturday.Lets check out the list of kids recipes below.

General Ideas for food decoration

Basically kids love colorful dishes and food that look small in size( mini). So you can try to present the food more colorful and make small sized poori , paratha , idli & dosa for them. For example, we can make mini uttappam kind of dosas by adding vegetables like carrot, coriander leaves & onions.

When my daughter was young, I used to make dosas like alphabets, numbers & in different shapes. Buy some cookie cutters in various shapes and cut the idli, dosas, poori in those shapes. It would be attractive for them. While making sandwich,make bite sized or finger like pieces for them to hold easily. You can add ghee, cheese, nuts & choco syrup in the dishes to fascinate the kids but remember to use them in moderate quantity. Try to google search for various decoration ideas and make the food attractive to the kids.

Here is the picture of sample healthy meal menu from my daughter’s school. Right click & save the image to view the actual size of this picture.

Kids meal menu planner
Sample menu by Amrutha caterers, Bangalore

Sandwich Varieties
Sandwich recipes
1. Veg raw sandwich
2. Grilled Cheese sandwich
3. Tomato cheese sandwich
4. White sauce sandwich
5. Spinach & corn sandwich (Grilled with cheese (optional))
6. Peanut butter banana sandwich (grill)
7. Peanut butter jelly sandwich
8. Eggless French toast
9. Spicy French toast
10. Nutella banana sandwich(grill)
11.Veg Cheese toast sandwich
12. Chilli garlic toast
13. Nutella Chocolate sandwich
14. Avocado sandwich
15. Green chutney Cheese sandwich
16. Paneer sandwich
17. Subway style sandwich
18. Veg burger
19. Grilled potato sandwich
20. Finger sandwich
21. Yogurt sandwich
22. Corn cheese sandwich
23. Iyengar bakery style open sandwich
24. Veg mayonnaise sandwich

Bread Recipes

1.Bread butter jam sandwich
2.Bread uttappam
3.Masala bread sandwich
4.Bread upma
5.Bread Veg omlette
6.Bread pizza
7.Pav bhaji

Paratha Recipes
Paratha recipes
1.Paneer paratha
2. Gobi paratha
3.Hara bhara paratha
3.Cheese paratha
5.Aloo paratha
6.Spinach paratha
7.Onion paratha
8.Methi paratha /Thepla
9.Mixed veg paratha
10.Dal paratha
11.Carrot+mint paratha
12.Mooli Paratha
13.Masala chapathi
15.Missi roti
16.Crunchy Chocolate chapathi (Apply choco chips, crushed nuts along with nutella)
17.Nutella chapathi
15. Broccoli Paratha
16.Chapathi+jam roll
17. Plain Paratha
18. Sweet paratha
19. Cabbage Paratha
20.Lachha Paratha
21.Avocado Paratha
22.Tofu Paratha
23.Malaysian paratha

Noodles Recipes
1.Veg noodles
2.Veg Hakka noodles
3.Schezwan noodles
4.Veg Quesadilla recipe
Pasta Recipes
Pasta recipes
1.White sauce pasta
2.Pasta Arrabiata
3.Tomato spaghetti
4.Penne Pasta – Indian style
5.Brocolli pasta
6.Mac n cheese
7.Spagetti ( with tomato sauce or white sauce)
8. Easy Garlic Spaghetti
Other Breakfast
Kids breakfast recipes

1.Sago kichadi
2.Ragi puttu ( make small balls & serve)
3.Idli tikka
4.Baked idli fry
5.Mini Sambar idli
6.Mini Podi idli
7.Stuffed Vegetable idli 
8.Carrot+onion+cheese uttappam
9.Mixed veg dosa
10.Wheat flour eggless Pancake
11.Podi dosa
12.Mini poori (versions: spinach,masala,beetroot)
13.Dhokla (kaman)
14.Semiya upma
15.Lemon sevai
16.Spinach paniyaram 
17.Pizza dosa
18. Lemon Poha
19. Tomato poha
20. Batata poha
21. Kanda poha
22. Instant poha idli
23. Tamarind poha

1.Ragi malt
2.Rice porridge

Milkshake recipes

Milkshake recipes

1.Banana smoothie
2.Mango milkshake
3.Strawberry milkshake
4.Apple milkshake
5.Hot chocolate
6.Vanilla milkshake with Ice cream
7.Chocolate milkshake
8.Pistachio milkshake
9.Rose milk
10.Avocado milkshake
11.Sharjah shake
12.Fruits+Veg Milkshake

Wraps & rolls
1.Potato, paneer, onion, tomato masala (roll in chapathi)
2.Kathi roll
3.Veg frankie

Rice varieties
Rice varieties

1.Bisibelebath & Sambar sadam (add more ghee)
2.Carrot rice
3.Veg Fried rice
4.Veg pulao
5.Ghee rice
6.Peas pulao
7.Jeera rice
8.Lemon rice
9.Tamarind rice
10.Tomato rice using rice cooker
11.Curd rice
12.Biryani varieties
13.Coconut rice 
14. Poriyal, kootu sadam ( Rice mixed with dry curries & gravies topped with ghee)
15.Karnataka style chitranna
16.Tawa pulao
17.Corn pulao
18.Cauliflower rice

Salad recipes
1.Sweet corn salad
2.Carrot cucumber salad/Kosambari
3.Fruit salad
4.Fruits + Veg Salad
5.Simple Veg Salad
6.Watermelon salad

Thanks for visiting this page.Happy cooking !
Disclaimer : I have made this post based on my own idea. Please give credits to this post & do not copy it without my permission. Thanks for understanding.

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Really a good collection of recipes. Will try at home.

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