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August 12, 2014

Gokulashtami Recipes|Krishna Jayanthi|Janmashtami recipes

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Sri Krishna idol

This year 2016,Gokulashtami aka Sri Krishna jayanthi falls on 25th,August.So I thought of sharing all the Krishna jayanthi/Gokulashtami neivedyam recipes under one page for easy reference.In this page I have shared the links of How to make homemade rice flour, Urad dal flour, Vella seedai/Sweet seedai recipe, Salt seedai/Uppu seedai recipe, Easy Nei appam/Ghee appam, Thattu vadai recipe and payasam varieties.I am yet to post Kai murukku and chakli recipes.I will share them in my upcoming posts.Janmashtami is celebrated for the birth of Hindu Lord Sri Krishna.It usually falls on 8th day of Krishna paksha of Shravana month(august-september). Generally pooja has to be done at midnight.But we usually make pooja in the evening after 6 pm.For Naivedyam,People in Tamilnadu keep all varieties of fruits,Butter,Milk, Curd, Aval/Poha mixed with jaggery along with Sweet seedai, salt seedai, Kai murukku, Appam and Paal payasam.My Mil says butter, milk, curd & aval with jaggery are the most important for offerings even if u are not able to prepare other savouries because these are Krishna’s Childhood favourites. Here is the picture of Sri krishna with offerings.Bakshanams are missing hereTongue.I will post a picture this weekend with all the offerings from our pooja room.Wish u all a very happy krishna jayanthi Happy.

gokulashtami recipes

I have shared the links of all Gokulashtami recipes below.Please click on the picture to view the respective recipes.Hope u find it useful !


       Uppu seedai & Vella seedai using store bought rice flour

   Poha Kheer/Choora kheer   Gopalkala recipe  Aval ladoo / Poha laddu

     Rava ladoo Wheat flour appam-Deep fried version  Thinai Nei appam 

     Rice Murukku/Thattu vadai  Easy aval Panchamirtham  Easy Paal Kozhukattai

     Paal Payasam recipe   Butter murukku  Microwave Rava Kesari

      Paal Kesari/Milk Kesari   Rava Kesari recipe   Curd Koubale/Ring murukku

Other than the above mentioned recipes,U can also make Rice payasam,Urad dal vada and Some laddoo varieties if interested.

Most of us are afraid of making seedai just because it bursts. But when u follow these tips properly,seedai never burst & it comes out super crunchy and tasty.Here are some of the tips i learnt from my mom & MIL to avoid bursting and to make a perfect sweet seedai & salt seedai recipes.Happy Krishna jayanthi :)
  • U must roast the wet flour for few minutes in low flame if u are using homemade processed rice flour.For store bought rice flour, this step is not needed.
  • First important thing to avoid bursting is to “SIEVE” the flour once or twice. U should sieve all the flour ( urad dal flour, rice flour). Sieving the flour properly reduces 90% of bursting.
  • Secondly u should not roll the seedai very tightly. U should roll it to a loose ball using three fingers.No problem if its not a proper round..
  • One more tip is to prick the seedai with a small needle to avoid bursting..Dry the seedai in a paper or towel for 20 mins before frying.This is also very important.
  • Beginners can try deep frying few seedai in “small tempering kadai” .If it comes out well , proceed in a big kadai.Color variations may be there slightly. But u can check whether it bursts or disperses in oil..
  • If sweet seedai breaks or dissolves in oil , it means jaggery may be more or oil temperature is too high or too low.
  • If Seedai bubbles too much after u drop into oil ,it shows the fat ( ghee or butter or oil) content is more..So add more rice flour to the dough & make again..
  • The color of seedai depends on the color of urad dal flour. If u roast the dal to golden brown ,seedai will also turn brown.
  • Uniform heating is also important. In my observation , i feel low to medium flame is enough to get a nice colored and crispy seedais.

Check out these links for my sweet seedai & uppu seedai recipes :


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