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March 9, 2016

Kitchen Utensils & Tools List For Home With PDF

Kitchen utensils list

In my previous post, I have shared the list of essential kitchen appliances needed for a home. In this post, you can find the list of Kitchen utensils required for setting up a new Indian kitchen. In this post, I have discussed the uses of utensils & kitchen tools and shared the list of all possible kitchen utensils & tools. I have segmented them under different categories namely Cookware, Storages, Serve ware, Bakeware and tools. But I have not recommended any brands. As I promised in my previous post, I have also shared a PDF of Kitchen appliances & utensils list. Please click on the link and download it, Its free. Do the changes as per your need. 

All the utensils I have given here are not purchased in one day. You don’t need everything at the beginning of cooking too. It could be accumulated in months, years based on your requirement & usage. I referred this & this post for making the list. I hope this list would help beginners to arrange their new kitchen. Wishing you all the very best. Happy cooking !!

Click HERE to view & download the PDF.

I have given affiliate links for all the utensils from Amazon with links and pictures.
Here is my routine dialogue : Friends, take this list as a guidance and buy the utensils which is of use to you. Even I don’t have many of the tools & utensils listed here. Its just the collection of all possible kitchen utensils & tools. If you feel anything important is missed here, please share it in comments section. I will update it. Thanks for visiting this page.Leave your feedback about this list. It would make me even more happy.

Click HERE to view & download the PDF.

Click HERE to view Kitchen appliances list with brand recommendations.

  • A kadai/Skillet is used for stir frying, sauting, cooking and boiling. You can use stainless steel or Non-stick or ceramic kadai. But an iron kadai is recommended for deep frying. So better buy a small sized or medium sized iron kadai too.Also try to buy the ones with sturdy handles and a transparent lid.
  • Tadka pan/ Mini kadai is used for seasoning Indian dishes.
  • Stock Pots, Saucepans and Stainless steel cooking pots can be used for boiling gravies, soups,stews,Cooking vegetables and greens. It would be better if its with transparent lid.
  • Thick bottomed milk pan  or Milk cooker – I prefer stainless steel ones.
  • Pressure cooker – For cooking rice,steaming vegetables. To me its the heart of utensils. I can cook any number of dishes if I have two cookers in hand.
  • Stackable stainless steel cooking pots in various sizes – Its mainly used for serving gravies,chutney & curries.
  • Cassorle/ Hot pack – To keep roti, idli, rice & gravies warm for hours.
  • Idli pot & Dosa pan for making idli & dosa
  • Appam pan/Paniyaram pan/ uthappam pan – For making appam, Paniyaram, Utappam
  • Glass bowls – If you have microwave, you can use it for reheating and cooking.
  • Big Stainless steel bowls or plastic bowls for making chapathi/bread dough, for rinsing vegetables.
  • Plates – For serving & covering the food
  • Ladles & spoon – For cooking & serving gravies,curries etc
  • Cups/Coffee cups/Water glass/Tumblers – For serving liquids
  • Tea pot / Flask – To keep coffee or tea
  • Measurement cups & spoons – Mainly needed for baking & sweets making.
  • Rice server and idli scooper – To serve rice & to remove idli.
  • Rolling pin & board - For making roti,Poori etc
  • Knives & scissors – To chop & cut ( Invest in good quality ones)
  • Peeler & grater – To peel the skin of vegetables , grater for grating cheese,vegetables
  • Scrapper – mainly used for coconut scrapping
  • Perforated frying spoon/skimmer/strainer for deep frying  [Hindi: jhaara/zara]
  • Tongs/Idukki in Tamil – Its mainly used for removing roti & papad from hot oil.
  • Locking tongs – For holding hot vessels
  • Whisk & churner – For mixing batter without lumps, whip curd and for mixing cake batter.
  • Big sized Storage containers for storing groceries & Dosa batter
  • Medium & Small sized containers for storing pickles, spice powders etc
  • Spice box/Anjarai petti – For storing whole spices
  • Masher – For mashing boiled potato, kichadi and other dishes.
  • Wire mesh – It is used to puff up roti, roast papad, brinjals etc

Click HERE to view Kitchen appliances list with brand recommendations.


Storage containers


Click HERE to view & download the PDF.
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